Top 5 Best Verizon Trail Camera In 2021

best verizon trail camera

The best Verizon trail camera (or remote camera) will enable you to watch the up-to-the-minute animal footage.

This type of camera plays an important role in hunters, conservationists, and wildlife photographers. It will allow easy footage of fauna and flora without going to harder-to-reach areas.

Besides those main functions, Verizon cameras can offer you many other unique features. Some functions can help you observe the animals closely and thoroughly, while some may be unnecessary for you.

To know what cameras are most suitable for you, let’s continue reading this article.

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Best Verizon Trail Camera – Quick Comparison

Product images Product name Editor's rating Price
Spartan 4G LTE GoCam Wireless Trail Camera 4.9

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Spartan GoCam Ghost 4G/LTE Trail Camera 4.8

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Spartan HD GoCam Model#GC-Z4Gb 4.8

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Covert WC Series LTE Cellular Trail Camera 4.7

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Covert Blackhawk LTE - Verizon Realtree 4.6

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The Top 5 Best Verizon Trail Cameras

#1 – Spartan GoCam Ghost GC-G4Gb: Best Overall

The Latest Price

One main feature a trail camera must have is remote observation, and the Spartan Gotham meets this criterion.

The device goes with a preinstalled sim to connect to the cellular network service (the 4G/LTE network). Thus, simply download the Spartan mobile app, and you can access the camera’s storage anytime.

This mobile app feature will be of immense help to security.

Because the equipment can shoot with a reliable motion sensor and lightning-fast 0.4 second trigger time, you can see the images in real-time through the application. If a trespasser is wandering around it, you can take action immediately.

Even to your surprise, the gadget comes with a built-in anti-theft GPS, enabling you to track the cameras remotely. Now, there is no further worry about security.

How about tracking nocturnal animals? Don’t worry. The product has invisible blackout infrared, helping you take photos at night. Nothing can escape this camera’s lens.

Do you concern that your valuable images and information can be leaked? Users can transmit the pictures from the Spartan GoCam via AES 256 encryption. This feature will put your mind at ease about information security.

Because this is a brand-new wireless design, the product does not support a USB port. Also, the camera will come with a USB cable. However, many functions, such as delivering new software, firmware, or other data, can be transferred through the OTA.


  • Anti-theft GPS
  • Lithium battery
  • High security for both the information and cameras


  • No USB port

#2 – Spartan 4G LTE GoCam: Best For Moving Objects

The Latest Price

Observing a moving object or animal can be a daunting task. But worry not, as this equipment will share the burden with you.

It features a 0.6-second trigger speed. Therefore, you can utilize this time-lapse feature that works 5s to 60s to view movements invisible to the naked eye.

One thing that makes the Spartan 4G LTE unique is that the device can make videos with sound. Unfortunately, it can last just 30 seconds. But, it is enough to record some important points, such as the roar of a tiger.

It will be convenient to see the pictures and videos anywhere and anytime through Spartan web or mobile phones. The product can submit the images incredibly fast with 4G/LTE (the nation’s widest wireless network). Thus, you can watch the picture in real-time.

There is no need to worry about the plan fee. Thanks to the existing Verizon data plan, the product’s data rates are as low as a few dollars a month.

It is interesting to know that the photos will also provide information about the date, time, temperature, and battery. Hence, you can track the battery easily and replace it if needed.

The product’s long lifespan is important to any outdoorsman. The 4G LTE has an effective latch design and robust water-intrusion prevention, enabling the equipment to withstand outdoor elements, including rains.

Besides, it comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty; you can set your mind at rest about its longevity.


  • Capture moving objects
  • Durability
  • Video with sound


  • 30-second video with sound

#3 – Covert HD1080P: Best For Premium Resolution

The Latest Price

If you’d like to look at vivid photos, this Convert HD1080P is right for you. The product comes with an infrared flash for crisp HD 32MP images and 1080p videos for both day and night.

Capturing moving objects can be a difficult task for some cameras but not for the Convert WC.

The manufacturer built a 1-10 turbo shot burst mode into the product, enabling it to capture the moving animals. More importantly, 44 No Glow LED bulbs in the equipment makes it invisible to the animals’ eyes.

The cameras can ensure that you will never miss any shot. The device possesses a blazing-fast 0.4-second trigger speed and a whopping 100′ f100′ and detection range. Thus, no matter how fast the animals are, it will never escape from your cameras.

The model is also famous for its user-friendly features. Through the AT&T cellular network, you can easily and instantly send pictures to the Covert Wireless App on your phone.

Besides, the app comes in handy when you want to change camera settings, view images, and interact with the camera in a real-time capacity. There is no need to find and reach out to the product anymore, and all you need to do is use the application.

Also, the photos come with a timestamp with useful information, including date and time. This quality will help you track the animal closely. You will get to know what time and date your prey usually come around the area.

One thing users may usually be concerned about is the short battery life. Although this concern may not be relevant to this camera.

This Verizon camera has superior technology (LTE) in which the producer improves battery life and the wireless functions’ speed. The product runs on 12 AA batteries, which can last for around 2 years.

Unfortunately, the batteries are not included, and if you want to have this type of long-lasting battery, you may need to spend a considerable amount of money.


  • User-friendly features
  • Premium resolution
  • Wireless transmission


  • 12 AA batteries not included

#4 – Spartan HD GoCam GC-Z4Gb: Best For Videos

The Latest Price

Only a few trail cameras on the current market can send videos, and this Spartan HD is one of them.

Not only that, the camera offers a ‘no-glow’ IR flash range reaching up to 70 feet with well-lit and clear imagery both day and night. Thus, you can enjoy videos with 720p HD for closer tracking.

Using this product is like a piece of cake. The product contains a stout and well-made case. Additionally, you will find an internal menu and image display, with which you can conveniently adjust the camera’s function.

Like other Spartan products, once you connect the camera, you can control it through the application. This capability will enable more convenience, allowing you not to have to physically hold the product for adjustments.

Users can either choose to use it with or without the AES 256 encryption. However, we recommend having it activated for information security.

One feature that will make your jaw drop is the trigger time. The equipment’s trigger speed is quicker than a second, and the camera maintains this feature perfectly. Hence, no animal will escape from the device’s shot.

But it has a downside. The battery required for it is 12 lithium AAs, which is unlikely compared to other units. However, it is reasonable for its high-quality images and videos.


  • Complete use of camera settings through the app
  • Daily status reports, including remaining battery percentage
  • 720p HD video recording


  • Not too sharp night photos
  • Poor battery life

#5 – Covert 5465: Best For Wind And Weather Update

The Latest Price

This Covert’s unique feature is that it can send real-time wind and weather updates. When you want to embark on a hunting journey, you have to consider these two factors. The information from the camera will help you avoid unexpected, unpleasant weather conditions.

The product is equipped with an invisible IR flash and silence image capture that helps to reduce the noise effectively. You will never scare your greys away, enabling you to capture pictures of timid animals, such as dears or squirrels.

Furthermore, if you are concerned that some animals can be too small to shoot, the IP flash range is 100 feet, and the trigger speed is 0.7s. Therefore, even quick and small animals like rabbits can still be captured on the frame.

Because of its many features, the product can easily run out of battery. You will need to replace the new battery rather frequently to have the device functioned properly.


  • Real-time wind and weather updates
  • Maximum silence
  • Supports 64 GB SD card


  • Frequent battery change
  • Slow customer service

Buying Guide For The Best Verizon Trail Camera

The factors below will be helpful when you consider making a purchase. Continue reading to know what kind of cameras you are in need of.

Wireless operation/Ease of App use

The first thing you have to ensure is the signal availability. The signal needs to be in the place where you use the camera.

You may know that remote cameras need particular cellular carriers. If you don’t receive AT&T signals in your area, do not use the camera with a SIM card particularly from the carrier.

Furthermore, you will need to download an application on your phone to get photos.

Photo resolution

These features are crucial as all you want is to observe the animals. Hence, a clear photo will enable you to know the prey’s habits and better prepare for the hunting journey.

If you need vivid photos for animals, cameras with 10 pixels or better resolution will be best for you.

Besides, some photo-taking programs will be useful at some points. For example, time-lapse will provide you useful detailed information about the animals.


Sometimes photos are not enough, and videos will be more useful. They can provide you information about the time the animals wander around your area. We highly recommend cameras that have a 720p or better video resolution.

Motion sensing and trigger speed

Many animals actively hunt at night. Without motion sensing range, it can be hard for the camera to detect the animal. Thus, a motion-sensing range from trail cameras is necessary when you want to observe nocturnal animals.

Besides, it is far essential to buy cameras that take photos or videos quickly. Otherwise, the camera may miss the animals’ presence, and you will never spot them.


They are usually placed in natural space with harsh environmental factors, such as high temperature, wet, snow, and ice conditions. Consequently, you may want to purchase a cellular camera that can withstand such conditions.

It’s vital to opt for equipment with tough material, such as polymer plastics. Besides, it also needs to be waterproof or water-resistant. These characteristics will prevent the electronic devices from being broken due to high moisture and water from rain.


The camera should secure both the information and itself. As it is not placed close to you, there are high chances that it may be taken away. As a result, there should be an anti-theft GPS that allows you to track your camera remotely.

Password-protected cameras will be important to information security. You should make sure that nobody can enter and steal your photos or videos. The camera with high security worth mentioning is Spartan GoCam Ghost 4G/LTE.


Of course, we don’t want to spend time and money to buy cameras again and again. The cameras must be long-lasting, and the manufacturer should guarantee their products for at least 2 years, like the Spartan GoCam Ghost 4G/LTE.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best cellular trail camera?

The best cellular one is the Spartan GoCam Ghost 4G LTE. As mentioned above, the product has many unique features, including anti-theft GPS, lithium battery, and high security for both the information and cameras. These will help you view the animals easier.

Although there is no USB port in the product, you can still transfer them through the air (OTA). The wireless feature is also good when it comes to installation.

Does Verizon sell trail cameras?

Verizon does not sell any cameras. However, they offer the nation’s largest wireless network (Verizon). They cooperate with Spartan to produce the GoCam cameras and reduce the data rates.

How much is a cellular plan for a trail camera?

The cellular plan cost for a remote camera can vary from free up to $1,000 per year. It depends on the amount of data you use. For Spartan cameras, which are closely cooperated with the Verizon network, you will receive a very reasonable plan.

For 50 Mb a month, you currently pay around $ 10, whereas 250 MB per month will cost $ 12.

What do trail cameras send pictures to your phone?

The cellular remote cameras are the answer. They can transmit images and videos via some networks including Verizon or AT&T. You can receive the data through an app or web portal.

What are the top 5 trail cameras?

The top 5 best sellers in 2021 include Spartan GoCam Ghost GC-G4G which is best for everything.

The Spartan 4G LTE GoCam Wireless is best for moving objects. The Covert HD1080P is well-known for Premium Resolution. The camera best for videos is Spartan HD GoCam GC-Z4Gb, and the Covert 5465 is best for wind and weather updates.

How much is Spypoint monthly?

While Spypoint cameras are likely to be more expensive than most options on the market, their data plan is surprisingly cheap. They offer 4 packages, including Free, Basic, Standard, and Premium.

You won’t have to pay a penny when you need 100 photos per month. It will be $ 5 when you need to store 250 photos per month – the basic package. You can receive unlimited photos if you pay $ 15 monthly for the premium package.

Besides, you can consider paying for a year, which will be cheaper.

How much data does a trail camera use?

It depends on your needs. If you need photos with high resolution, it will be data-consuming. Each 640 x 480 picture consumes 50KB of data, whereas an “HD” requires 2MB. Also, more photos mean more data.

Do cellular trail cameras require a subscription?

They with SD cards can store your photos and videos with a subscription. However, you can cancel your subscription anytime.


In conclusion, we hope this article gives you a deeper understanding of different remote cameras, and you will be able to choose the best Verizon trail camera that suits your needs based on the buying guides.

Simply look at the wireless operation, ease of app use, durability, and additional features.

Our top pick is the Spartan GoCam Ghost 4G LTE. The equipment has every feature a trail camera needs, if not more. It offers anti-theft GPS, invisible night time infrared illumination, and high security for both the information and cameras.

Although it does not support a USB port, you can use the air (OTA) instead.