Campark T45 Review: The Perfect Trail Camera

campark t45 review

Our Campark T45 review below will be helpful to those looking for a quality trail camera. The information rampant online is distracting and making it difficult for you to make a decision. Hopefully, the following few notes will help you better understand this camera and know the great things it can bring.

In addition to the world’s leading camouflage design, it is also appreciated for its wide variety of applications. The camera is also straightforward to set up. And the quality of the images and videos it brings will surprise you with satisfaction. If you are losing enthusiasm for a trail camera, the Campark T45 will ignite your passion.

Why Do So Many Trail Cameras Take Empty Pictures?

A camera is born with the most significant purpose of creating beautiful images. But if it doesn’t, then you probably don’t know how to use it. To take good photos from a trail camera, you need to understand what causes blank shots when using it.

No wide-angle lens: Some trail cameras have fairly narrow-angle lenses. Therefore, if placed in too wide a space, it may affect the quality of the photo.

Some of the basic reasons can be mentioned as:

  • Motion sensors do not work well at too wide an angle: The motion sensor will focus on images when people or objects move. So at a wide range, the sensor did not work well and could not focus on the subject.
  • No distant motion detection: Some trail cameras have low distance detection capabilities. As a result, subjects moving too far away from the camera’s allowable range resulted in low-quality images.
  • For a fast-moving subject, the trail camera also lacked the speed to capture that moment.
  • You activated incorrectly: This may be because you do not understand the machine’s settings and accidentally set some parameters by mistake.

The persistent poor quality of the photos can be caused by one of the above reasons. You need to double-check your machine to see if the cause is your machine or your settings. From there, you can quickly fix the above error.

How Can This Be Fixed?

If you determine the installation error cause, please reread the user manual to adjust the parameters more accurately.

In the opposite case, you may have bought a bad camera. At this point, you can choose the Campark T45, which is very good at overcoming those critical disadvantages:

  • The camera has a wide-angle of up to 120º, and subjects at a broad angle are no longer a problem.
  • Long-moving subjects pose no challenge with the T45 because of its very good wide-angle scanning and pixel capture.
  • Activation speed is 0.3 seconds, which is considered instantaneous after detecting a moving object.

Thanks to its fantastic improvements, T45 does not fall into the drum photography disaster like others on the market.

Introducing The Campark T45

Campark T45

“I chose this camera based on the fact that at the time I was researching, this one had 100% 5-star ratings. Originally I had selected another brand that was almost twice the price, but the strong positive reviews changed my mind.”

Product highlights:

  • Faster Trigger Speed
  • Excellent Sensitivity and Night Vision with 3 PIR
  • 16MP Clearer Image + 1080P Sharper Video Resolution
  • 120° Wide Angle Lens + Waterproof Sturdy Device
  • Warm Tips

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Campark was established in 2009, is a new entrant in the field of trail cameras. Although still young, the products Campart brings are all formidable. And this T45 is an outstanding product, beating many long-standing items in the market.

Over time, Campark is gradually perfecting every aspect to bring quality cameras at affordable prices. Specifically, not only at 12MP like previous versions, the manufacturer has upgraded the camera up to 16MP. In addition, the hardware components are metal-plated for increased durability in harsh weather conditions, which is not present in older versions.

And in the future, the T45 model promises to bring more wide-angle cameras so that beautiful and sophisticated images and videos satisfy consumers’ needs.

T45 is also designed not to be bulky, stable structure and easy to camouflage colors. This is also one of the indispensable needs of professional hunters.

However, in reality, this camera still has some weaknesses. Specifically, its low-range scanning capabilities are quite limited. So if you attach it to a too high position, the number of blank shots will definitely be higher.

Pros and Cons


  • 14-megapixel clear image, sharp video quality full HD with 1080P resolution
  • Wide camera lens
  • Quick activation speed 0.3 seconds
  • Affordable price


  • Short activation distance
  • Limited memory card capacity.

Review Of Key Features And Benefits Of The Campark T45


Having a 14MP camera is very respectable at this price point, but the Campark T45 does it. And indeed, you won’t find a high-resolution trail camera in the same segment.

Besides, the 1080P resolution also results in clear and realistic movies. The 120º wide-angle lens has also solved the fear of empty photographs of trail camera players.

Motion sensor

Three motion sensors give the camera an ultra-wide-angle of 120 degrees, while other cameras are typically 45 degrees. Based on this, the working power of the Campark T45 is three times greater than that of other conventional trail machines.

Within 65 feet, every moving subject is in excellent focus. Those who have used, found image quality, video reliability 90%. With these numbers, the T45’s detection is surprisingly comprehensive.

Activation speed

After only 0.3 seconds of detecting subject movement, the camera began to record images or videos. At this rate, many competitors have fallen into a state of anxiety for their products.

Based on that, users can capture many exciting moments and do not seem to miss out on anything that happens insight.

With the 0.3-second speed combined with the wide-angle, the camera smoothly lurks to capture real footage without being detected by prey.

Variable speed

This worn-angle camera has 42 to low-light infrared LEDs. Thanks to this point, night vision becomes better and produces sharp photos in the dark.

Many people believe that this machine will be more perfect without LEDs to facilitate the travel process. However, for some others, they love this low LED light.

As for the T45, its low light is a huge advantage in its sealed observation process. This type of light can help the camera get closer to wild animals without giving them any precautions. From there, it is possible to create the most vivid and beautiful movies.

LCD screen


24 ” LCD screen allows viewing images in the field. This design will come in handy for those who want to see the subject immediately in the picture instead of looking at the reality.

You will need 1 memory card for backup. In case you want a backup copy, just replace this memory card for the camera and take the other out. This way, your recording will always continue.

Memory Stick

The Campark T45 trail camera uses a MicroSD card. Many people do not like this as MicroSD cards have lower storage capacity than SD cards. However, this camera has supported users with a 32G capacity card. This capacity is not too bad for you to worry about not storing much.

We were very miserable when removing the memory card in the snowy weather. However, this is also an exciting experience; they are also willing to enjoy other great features of the machine.

Always remember to prepare yourself a backup memory card. It prevents the case of running out of space and allows me to review the image immediately.

Input For External Power Supply

The T45 has a power input receptacle with a 6V power supply unit and at least 1.5A. You can leave the camera in the field without worrying about running out of battery.


There’s no doubt that this is a worth-owning trail camera, and you can get it absolutely for a very breathable price, which is also a huge advantage of the T45. You will get more value than you spend.

Other Choices

The Campark T45 is an excellent option at this mid-range price. However, if you can invest more, you should visit some of the following options.

Moultrie P-120i

The camera also has a wide-angle of up to 120º, but what makes it more expensive than the T45 is the camera’s resolution. With 20MP resolution and no Glow flash, this camera gives you a great experience. A little extra money to own this fantastic innovation is worth it.

Apeman H68

Its camera only has a resolution of 12MP, but the lens field is up to 130º. In particular, the error rate seems to be very low. This puts the H68 a few dollars higher than the T45, but these make perfect sense.


Are Campark trail cameras any good?

In general, the types of Campark trail cameras have special advantages in terms of durability and image quality. With the 14MP camera, the camera of this Campark T45 is considered to be the best in its price range. Also, the 120º lens field can overcome the problem of blank photography.

What is shot lag on a trail camera?

Shot lag is when a moving subject is detected until the camera starts recording the image. For example, the trigger speed of the T45 camera records photos and videos in just 0.3 seconds. This is rated speed quite quickly.

How much does a deer cam cost?

Each style will have a different price. Also, the year of manufacture was responsible for the cost of the camera. However, the machines can range from $50 to $100.

Is the trail camera waterproof?

Due to the extreme weather characteristics of the viewing environment, the designs of these cameras are convenient and waterproof. Therefore, a trail camera like the T45 can completely work well in the rain or water.

Is there a trail camera that sends pictures to your phone?

Conventional cameras have almost no functionality associated with a phone. However, a number of new generation trial cameras have provided this functionality through links with carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile.

What is the best cheap game camera?

The Campark T45 is a mid-priced trail gaming camera, but it’s fair and complete. Many hunters have chosen it as a companion.


The Campark T45 is affordable and has a wide variety of features. It also overcomes the causes of blank images, so it’s worth owning. If you are wondering which camera to choose for your upcoming work or hobby, the T45 might be a great choice.

We hope the above Campark T45 review can help you understand the advantage of this trail camera over others on the market.