How Do I View My Trail Camera Pictures On My Phone?

How Do I View My Trail Camera Pictures On My Phone

Using a trail camera is demanding, from the best places to have a perfect view or how to hide your tools from thieves. Besides, after successfully taking dozens of photos, viewing them before publishing is crucial. 

And the question “How do I view my trail camera pictures on my phone?” has been asked many times. 

Do not worry. We used to have the same question when using a trail camera for the very first time. And that is why we write this article to share our experiences with you. Let’s check it out!

Lightning To USB Cable 

Using lightning to USB cable is one of the most efficient and fastest ways to transfer and see pictures from the camera to your smartphone. The cable will connect directly to two devices to allow your phone to receive photos taken from the camera. 

This tool is a common part of your phones these days, and you might have one in your home. It is a two-headed cable with one for your phone jack and another for a USB jack. 

So it is vital to have a camera with a USB port to use the lightning cable. Nowadays, the majority of trial cameras require a 2.0 micro port.  

Therefore, you should check your camera’s structure carefully before using a cable. If your device does not have a suitable port, do not worry. Let’s keep reading our article to find out another way.

Boneview Lightning To SD Card Reader


Are you wondering what you have to do if the adapter cannot connect with your camera? Boneview Lightning To SD Card Reader will be the answer to your question.

This is an alternative to using a USB cable if your camera cannot use a suitable jack. With it, instead of connecting your phone to your camera, you will connect your smartphone with a card using a lightning USB cable. 

Using this tool, you will need to learn how to save photos you have taken before the SD card. The Boneview lightning to SD card reader can read a maximum capacity of 32GB, which means thousands of high quality or standard quality images. 

Moreover, you can use both micro and regular SD cards with this cable. 

This method is compatible with iPhones from 5 to 7, including the plus and SE versions.

SD Card Reader For Later iPhone Model

For iPhone from 8 and later, this card reader is more suitable. However, the previous models of the iPhone can also use it. As far as we know, this adapter is ideal for iPhone 8, X, 11, and 12 and from iPhone 5 to 7. 

This tool is quite similar to the Boneview Lightning to SD card reader. It has a USB jack for the card reader and another jack to plug into the iPhone. Some products have small jacks for Android phones. 

Do you want to know how it works? Firstly, the USB will read the SD card from your devices and then transfer photos directly to your iPhone. Therefore, you can view your taken photos now. 


How To View Trail Camera Pictures

Nowadays, a vast number of modern cameras have a little screen so that you can view images immediately from them. 

However, we do not recommend using this method to view your photos. The screen on the cameras is too small to see taken pictures in detail. Therefore, you should use a lightning cable to connect with your phone to view photos from a trail camera. Here is our guideline for you for this job.

First of all, you ought to make sure all of your devices are compatible with each other. Using a different device can not only disrupt your effort to view photos but probably lock your SD cards. Therefore, you should be careful choosing devices. 

All you need to prepare is an iPhone, your trail camera with enough battery, a cable, and a memory card. 

Then, based on the type of your device, you will have to use the SD card. If your trail camera has a USB port to connect directly with your phone, all you have to do is to plug the cable in the two devices. However, your IOS should be 9.3 and above to be able to receive photos. 

If you have specific cameras that do not have a port, using memory cards is prominent. You will have to transfer the photos you want from the camera to the card first. Then plug the cable into your phone. After that, insert the memory card into the external SD card reader to transfer photos to smartphones.

Access Photos From The Trail Camera SD Card

This is the last step before saving photos on your phone. After you place the card, the images you have taken are all set in the import file. 

Next, in this step, you will choose to import all of them, delete some unnecessary photos, or select which pictures you want to transfer. 

Now all the photos you have chosen are lying in the imported folder. 

There are many apps on app stores to help you access taken photos from the memory card. Therefore, you should have a small search to download one of them to view your images. 


In A Nutshell, 

When it comes to technology, many severe and complicated problems happen, and you might have no idea how to solve them. And transferring photos you have taken from a trail camera to view on your smartphones is one of the most common issues. 

But now, after reading our article, we bet you have had your answer to the question: “How do I view my trail camera pictures on my phone?”. 

And if you have any other helpful and easy ways to transfer photos from two devices, please leave a comment to let us know.