How To Hide A Trail Camera – Time To Reveal The Secret


A trail camera, also known as a remote camera, is a piece of equipment widely used for wildlife surveillance, sports photography, or home security. 

There are two reasons why you should consider carefully when having this buddy. Firstly, your camera will be seen as a sign of danger that makes these animals run away. Secondly, a trail camera is an expensive item that can draw the attention of many greedy people. 

So, how to hide a trail camera? To get the best results, the camera placement location must meet two requirements: your target cannot recognize the camera, and the camera still has enough vision to take the photo. 

Read the following tips to find out the best way.

How To Hide A Trail Camera

Elevate Your Trail Camera

Placing your camera at a certain height has two main effects. First, your camera will have a more comprehensive sight. It helps capture the larger area. Second, this is an effective way to limit people’s attention to your camera. People are less inclined to look up when they move, especially when walking in the woods. Most people will pay attention to observing uneven roads to avoid obstacles.

In consequence, it’s highly recommended that you should put your camera at least ten feet off the ground to make it harder to steal.

Camouflage Your Camera

What else can you do if you do not think that the first tip has some disadvantages? A straightforward suggestion is that you can use natural branches and leaves to cover your camera. Of course, it is sometimes quite inconvenient as you have to check regularly whether these leaves are falling. 

Alternatively, matching fake foliage is more convenient. You can easily find it at local souvenir shops. We suggest that you check the plants around the area you aim to place your camera. It would be silly if the fake foliage were utterly different from its surroundings. Definitely, it will become the cause of your camera’s exposure.

Besides, why don’t you buy cameras with brown or green cases?  Some trail cameras also have camouflage patterns on their boxes, which will make the camera more difficult to be spotted.

No matter which option you pick out, you should remember to check your camera’s vision. Do not let leaves or camouflage items block the lens and detection sensor, or you will end up getting nothing. 

Disguise Your Camera

What if you live in a city and the camera is used for home safety monitoring? Hiding your trail camera inside a traditional birdhouse is a good idea. This approach has also been applied by scientists to study local wildlife. A built-in hole in the front of the box allows the camera to record images. Here is an example:

how to hide a trail camera

Another way to disguise your camera is to place it inside a tree pot. Visitors will only glance at the whole garden. They never look carefully at each tree stump to find out the camera, except the gardener. If you still feel insecure, put some stones around the camera to hide it. Always take notice of the camera’s viewable space to have clear images.

For an indoor ideal to hide a trail camera, try with simple things that are already available in your houses, such as tissue boxes, bookshelves, or ashtrays. Ordinary things can help you to keep your house safe without getting too much attention.

Use No-Glow Cameras

According to normal operating principles, cameras need to use LEDs in order to capture clear images at night. Sadly, red-glow or low-glow flashes are the signals for your target to detect the camera. 

When using a trail camera to watch animals, you have to make sure that they do not recognize this anomaly. These animals will run away and then avoid re-gathering in this area again. Worse yet, for human tracking, a trespasser may attempt to destroy the camera entirely as soon as he notices it.

Fortunately, there is a piece of extremely popular equipment for night activities as it was designed to overcome this disadvantage. A no-glow camera helps to illuminate all species in the area without producing any flash. Because of their advancement, these cameras have a higher price range. But in return, you will likely enjoy their excellent performances at night.  

Place Them In Low-Traffic Areas

Naturally, you use a trail camera to monitor the crowded area. But this does not indicate that it has to be installed in the same place. You can completely put it in a different low-traffic position but still be able to capture the images you desire.

For tracking human movement, you often focus on the entrance areas such as the gate or the door. It is very obvious that the camera will be easily spotted if you put it right there. Instead, you can look for a location that is definitely difficult to reach.

One suggestion is to put the camera in the opposite direction, then hide it behind a patch of bramble or dense vegetation. People tend to walk on even roads rather than challenging sides. This also limits the access of thieves or vandals.

Also, there is another great location to place your trail camera. Partly based on the first tip, hiding cameras under eaves or ceiling makes it more inconspicuous. Anyway, you should install it on a weekday to get as little recognition as possible.

Install Decoy Cameras

Installing decoy cameras means putting another inexpensive camera in a more obvious position to distract the thieves from yours. This method is not about hiding anymore, it is a spectacular trick. 

If you want to try this method, you should go with an affordable camera. Or nothing better than having a trail camera that no longer works. Not long ago, camera manufacturers also offered dummy cameras for sales. They are supposed to be a simulation of trail cameras but don’t have the expensive equipment inside. 

You can consider the three options below, pick one and then install it in a position where you’d never have a real camera. Then hide the actual trail camera carefully but point directly at the dummy camera. The thief will never know he has been caught. The working camera records the evidence when he tries to steal the decoy. 

Choose Sturdy Mounting Hardware

Finding ways to hide your trail camera will sometimes be flawed. As luck would have it,  a passerby can spot the camera no matter how hard you’ve tried. There is no guarantee that your camera will be kept securely for a long time. 

Do not worry too much. Camera manufacturers now provide products that make your trail camera more difficult to be stolen, called mounting boxes. 

The product is made from sturdy materials such as reinforced steel. 

Its main use is to protect the camera from theft. To break the case down, the thieves must carry specialized implements. Thankfully, this kind of tool seems not to be popular in the market, so that thieves are not often equipped with it.   

Additionally, the hardened case can protect the camera from being damaged by inclement weather conditions such as hail or snow.

To get the best outcome, you should keep an eye on choosing suitable mounting hardware. The mounting box itself must be secure to ensure security for the trail camera.

Python Cable Lock for Trail Cameras 

All of the above is just a temporary way to limit people’s attention to your camera. In the event that you do not make out, it can still be stolen by trespassers. So how can you always monitor the safety of your trail camera? Up to now, this is the most fantastic idea you’ve known: Python cable lock for a trail camera. 

Python cable lock is secure locking equipment for many valuable items, including trail cameras. The lock is often made of bearing alloys, suitable for even extreme weather conditions. It is also designed with camouflage patterns to blend in better. The cable is cut-resistant due to its braided steel material. Python cable lock works based on a cinching locking mechanism, which helps to keep cables safe at any position from 1 ft (30cm) to 6 ft (1.8m).  Here is one of the highly appreciated products that you should check out.

Most python cable locks are available in multi-packs. The maximum quantity of locks you can buy at once is 24 units per set; the minimum number is two units.  Each set will have 1-4 keys. The locks in the same set are all keyed-alike. 

The fact is that there will be no locks strong enough to keep your camera safe all the time. But python cable locks is an affordable product that you should buy to increase your trail camera protection.

In Conclusion

This article has just shown you how to hide a trail camera subtly from detection and damage. You can try several methods together to get a better effect. Maybe you should equip your camera with sturdy mounting hardware. Then place it on a tree and use the foliage to cover it. For more certainty, you can use a decoy camera to distract people. 

Don’t be too nervous. Think carefully to come up with a good plan. This will help keep your camera safe and active for longer. If you already have another good idea, don’t hesitate to share it with everyone.

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