Top 5 Best Crossbow Broadheads: Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Crossbow Broadheads

A common question that crossbow hunters tend to have is that which is better, fixed blade broadheads or mechanical broadheads? The debate has become exhausting, and yet it’s still prevalent. Regardless, the best crossbow broadheads can be either, and you must know what you’re getting into before deciding on one over the other.

When picking crossbow broadheads, one of the most deciding factors might be the functions that each hunter personally prefers, as well as the type of hunting they’re conducting. This will affect their choice between a fixed blade broadhead, which is more reliable for penetration, and a mechanical one, which trumps accuracy.

But over time, brands of crossbow broadheads have improved their products’ quality to the point that there aren’t strong distinctions between the two types. Unless you’re an experienced and good hunter, it can be hard to discern what crossbow broadheads should be taken instead.

That’s why we’ve proceeded to provide you with a list of the five best crossbow broadheads, including individual reviews for each detailing their strengths and weaknesses.

Best Crossbow Broadheads – Quick Comparison

Product images Product name Editor's rating Price
Sinbadteck Hunting Broadheads 4.9

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New Archery Crossbow Spitfire Broadhead 3Pk 4.8

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Muzzy Blade Archery Arrow Broadhead 4.8

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G5 Montec Crossbow Broadhead 4.7

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Rage Hypodermic Crossbow Broadhead 4.6

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The 5 Best Crossbow Broadhead Reviews

#1 – Best Overall – Sinbadteck B07YWGLLMH Hunting Broadheads

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One thing that lots of hunting experts have in common is their liking for broadhead accuracy. For those who employ a crossbow, the importance of it is further emphasized. With that said, this hunting broadhead from Sinbadteck is simply great for that purpose: delivering exceptional accuracy.

Specifically, this great model consists of 2.8” stainless steel blades which will penetrate with remarkable precision. They are designed solely for field practice and field hunting games, including exclusive hybrid tips to improve performance.

Speaking of the hunting bow tips, they are manufactured using anodized aluminium and the tip using a super hard stainless steel for any jobs. The heads are durable, sharp, fast, and will be compatible with any hunting, as well as all kinds of bows, including traditional and compound bows. There is a standard screw-in insert thread to ensure stability.

Sinbadteck B07YWGLLMH Hunting Broadheads are available in packs of 12 for ample freedom of usage and lasting usefulness. There will be many color options to choose from so that you can express your style with every hunting trip.


  • Remarkable precision with 2.8” stainless steel blades
  • Anodized aluminium hunting bow tips and super hard stainless steel construction
  • Compatible with most types of bows
  • Available in packs of 12 and multiple colors


  • Not as durable as some other more expensive options

#2 – Best Mechanical Broadhead – New Archery Products B081FJ4BL1 NAP Spitfire Crossbow Mechanical Broadhead

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New Archery is another legendary brand for crossbow broadheads, and sometimes the presence of the name alone means sheer reliability and quality. Not only are they a great producer of fixed blade broadheads, but they are also fantastic for mechanical ones. One doesn’t need to look further than the B081FJ4BL1 NAP Spitfire Broadhead for proof of it.

Designed to be shot accurately from any and all modern, high-speed crossbows with high kinetic energy, this crossbow broadhead is not something that can be easily dismissed. It is designed to create one and a half-inch cutting diameter, apt for maximum precision and guaranteeing that it finishes the job.

They can fit on any bow with ease but are specifically designed so that the blades don’t open right as they are launched, but rather to be kept closed till impact. This is a feature present in many mechanical broadheads, but the NAP Spitfire Broadhead does it excellently. In addition, they will stick deep and fly very fast due to the clever design.

For performance, the broadheads feature diamize sharpened blades and micro-grooved slimline Ferrule for fantastic results. Durable, razor-sharp, pinpoint accuracy is not something rare when you use this bad boy.

They are available in 100 grain with three per pack, allowing great flexibility and mobility. This is also a great value for your money as you now only need to buy one package and that can last you for multiple hunting trips.


  • One and a half-inch cutting diameter for accurate shots
  • Compatible with any bow
  • Well-designed blades optimal for impact absorption
  • Micro grooved slimline Ferrule to deliver great alignment


  • A bit lacking in power

#3 – Best for Compatibility – Muzzy 225 3 Blade Archery Arrow Broadhead

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In the American archery scene, you can’t do much better than Muzzy. It’s one of the most famous and most exciting brands in the field and has consistently done more than enough to live up to that reputation. With the 225 3 Blade Archery Arrow Broadhead, Muzzy reaffirms their strong standing within the field.

This model is designed to have extremely high compatibility that allows it to fit like a glove with most types of crossbows. This is something that many hunters will like, especially newcomers or those who are relatively inexperienced. It can get anxious picking the right broadhead for your crossbows; with the Muzzy 225, you won’t have to worry about that.

Asides from the great compatibility, this is just a powerful tool. It can provide bone-crushing penetration, with the tip being Hardened Steel Trocar to give maximum penetration and enhanced stability. Using this, you can rest assured that both your shot accuracy and force deliverance can be at their peaks at all times.

More specifically, the blades are made from stainless steel and are 0.020 inches wide, along with a cutting diameter of 1 and 3/6 inches to further express its penetration prowess. Additionally, there are also hollow ground edges to improve penetration even further, allowing for instant results.

With it being available in 75, 100, and 100-grain options, this 3-blade broadhead surely will be congruent with most of your hunting tools and can be immediate additions to your hunting toolbox. Assembly is required, but once you get it ready and working, you won’t have to regret the purchase one bit.


  • Hardened Steel Trocar to provide bone-crushing penetration and very efficient flight
  • Great compatibility with most crossbows
  • 0.020 inches wide stainless steel blades with 1-3/6” cutting diameter for strong penetration
  • Anodized aluminum ferrule


  • Requires assembly

#4 – Best Fixed Broadhead – G5 Outdoors B07CM91SG4 Premium Crossbow Fixed Broadheads

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If you’re looking for a broadhead with a fixed tip, this Montec Crossbow Broadhead from G5 Outdoors might be what you’re looking for. In terms of fixed crossbow broadheads, G5 Outdoors has produced some of the best out there, but the B07CM91SG4 certainly is a fantastic example of their reliability.

There isn’t anything better if you’re looking for a reinforced, well-designed geometrically broadhead. It is very functional and effective but easy to use and lightweight at the same time so that you can carry it in your pack with ease and comfort. The cut enjoys enough wind resistance to make it so that there’s a true and accurate flight at all times.

Although the traveling speed might slow down a bit at longer distances, it will go right through if you shoot it perfectly. The diamond-cut blades featured are extremely sharp and can offer fantastic penetration and extreme force. In addition, this build means that to achieve results, you will have to work on accuracy; the rewards are well worth it.

This crossbow fixed broadhead is also ideal for newcomers, as it’s designed for easy usage with all crossbows. As it’s fixed and well-built, you won’t have to worry about replacements and maintenance as there are no separate components. Simply install and use it instantly.

However, if you need to sharpen the blade to extend durability further, it pretty much is apt for it. The Montec broadhead has a design of a strong tapered blade and a nice angle so that you can get it easily re-sharpened. With three broadheads per pack, generally, this is something that you don’t even have to think about as one package offers you plenty of usage time.


  • Geometrically optimal design with reinforced construction made from one-piece metal injection molding
  • Sharp diamond cut blades for greater penetration and force
  • Enables you to work on accuracy
  • Well-built and fixed construction which requires no replacements
  • Strong tapered blade design for easy re-sharpening


  • Bad packaging
  • Some users might not like that it doesn’t stabilize on longer distances

#5 – Best for Accuracy – Rage 39600 Bowhunting Hypodermic Crossbow Mechanical Broadhead

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When it comes to crossbow broadhead, it’d be a huge disservice to leave Rage out. In terms of mechanical broadheads, they’re by far the best producer on the market and have churned out consistently great models one after the other. Their mechanical broadheads are featured in every best-of lists for crossbow broadheads, including this one.

With 39600 Bowhunting Hypodermic Crossbow Mechanical Broadhead, Rage once again proves that their design works. Hypodermic is a best seller due to its great quality and construction and the simplicity in their design, which in turn also contribute a lot to their functionality.

More specifically, the design is so that Rage’s own Ferrule Alignment Technology (FAT) is applied optimally to ensure sleek aerodynamics and alignment of the bolt to the ferrule. This technology also helps absorbing impact by allowing the wide head to be opened when impact happens, making for deeper, consistent penetration.

The broadhead features a large cutting surface, with a ramp design and huge tip blades. It uses a trustworthy high-energy shock collar, so that blade retention is ideal. When deployed, the broadhead makes use of its expandable stainless steel blades which are 0.035” thick, which are capable of creating an amazing 2” cutting diameter.

With the wide variety of quality features included, this Rage mechanical broadhead certainly puts itself on the map as one of if not the best overall crossbow broadhead out there. In terms of craftsmanship, build quality, and utility, few can be ahead. But what makes it the most unique and the highlight of this list is perhaps its ability to be the best of both worlds.

Its streamlined profile is explicitly constructed so that you have the unerring accuracy and arrow speed of a mechanical broadhead and the deadly force of a fixed-blade one. Truly a fantastic tool that you will love every time it’s put into action.


  • Ferrule Alignment Technology for sleek aerodynamics and alignment
  • Wide head for precision and great wound passage
  • Ramp design, along with huge tip blades and stainless blades which are 0.035” thick providing a large cutting surface
  • Streamlined profile combining accuracy and force


  • Might need occasional maintenance

Buying Guide

#1 – What are broadheads and why should you use them?

Unless you’re a hunter, broadheads might be a weird term that you’ve never heard of before. And indeed, you have no need to know of it generally speaking. However, if you’re an aspiring hunter, then knowing what broadheads are and how they work can really go a long way in improving your game.

Essentially, a broadhead is something used so that the animals hunted don’t suffer unnecessarily. It will help kill the animals swiftly and prevent excess blood loss, making the killing more ethical. For some hunters, this might just be the point of discussion as many of them do not like the idea of unethical hunting.

This is why broadheads are designed to be very sharp and to work with strong force enough to penetrate through anything. This way the kill is guaranteed and not messy, with organs and blood vessels being cut efficiently and effortlessly.

On the other hand, blunt blades are simply bad, not only because they can hamper your accuracy, but also because they deprive the aimed animals of being killed in a more humane way. This is why sharpness in a broadhead can’t and must not be understated.

#2 – How to choose the best crossbow broadheads

There are several things to consider before deciding on a purchase. As the field broadhead is quite saturated and it’s even harder to separate the benefits of individual broadheads. With that said, let’s delve into a few main factors of what constitute the best broadheads.


This is something that many dismiss but in actuality, it’s pretty important. In the eyes of the law, there are some types of broadheads that are considered illegal, and using them can get you into trouble. Try to be thorough and keep yourself from making a fatal mistake by reading the information the manufacturer provides beforehand.


Penetration is one of the most important factors with regards to crossbow broadheads. In order for any crossbow broadhead to work effectively, it must satisfy in terms of the puncture it’s able to produce. It must pass through the animal’s thick skin so that the killing is swift and well-done.

With more accuracy, the broadhead would pierce through the animal’s organs, resulting in a quick killing blow. A good puncture depth will also mean that the performance of the crossbow broadhead is consistent enough for long-lasting usage as well as being optimal for maximum durability. Speaking of durability…


Durability is the crossbow broadhead’s ability to withstand almost anything, and this has as much to do with how the hunter takes care of it as its own quality. But for the most part, once the broadhead’s used repeatedly, problems will arise on their own, and this is the same whether or not the broadhead itself is of premium quality.

This is why you will need proper maintenance. Many broadheads are designed for easy maintenance which is great, but usually, they will sacrifice something else in return. The sacrifice might be the broadhead’s build quality itself, so in the end, you will not gain much.

That’s why when it comes to the durability of the broadhead, you will have to balance the ergonomics which might help with your maintenance, as well as the model’s intrinsic qualities for durability.


The broadhead must have an appropriate weight in relation to your strength and body proportions in order that the hunting is effective. If you buy something unsuitable, it might have a negative effect on your health over time. A smaller blade might be a bit lighter and better for killing animals with bigger bones as the blade penetrates further.


Depending on your crossbows and the type of hunting that you’re conducting, the cutting diameter might change accordingly. Generally a cutting diameter of one and a half inches or less can assure the hunter of both performance and usability. But this is something that has a lot to do with your personal preferences.


It is of absolute importance that the accuracy of your shots is up to par so that the killing is done swiftly and ethically. Lacking inaccuracy, your hunting trips might not be enjoyable and your hunted animals might suffer unnecessarily.

To fix this, you have two choices: opting for a mechanical crossbow broadhead which is designed more for accuracy, or a fixed one which is great for when you need more force and encourages you to practice accuracy manually.

#3 – How to maintain the crossbow broadheads?

There is a lot of work that goes into maintaining crossbow broadheads, but it should be done regardless because it will have a long term benefit. With constant maintenance, the reliability and durability of the models that you own will also increase over time.

Extending the service life of your broadhead can mean that it functions better in a number of other factors important to a broadhead, including but not limited to the speed it’s able to handle, the trajectory, the maximum range, and the force of the arrow that it can make use of.

If you’re a hunter, absolutely do not let your equipment go to waste by scheduling regular maintenance for them.

#4 – How to sharpen crossbow broadheads?

Sharpening a broadhead can be quite exhausting, but it should be done regardless. In order to sharpen it effectively, you should know detailed information in terms of shape, size, and structure of the broadhead. That’s why the task of sharpening will be different from broadhead to broadhead.

For newcomers, this can be countered by buying additional replacement blades or packages with multiple packs so that not only maintenance is easier and sharpening might not be done as regularly. However, you should still know how to sharpen.

In that case, you should get used to using fine stones and matching oil, along with a magnifying glass so that the edges being created are precise and optimal for sharpness. Leather and foam are also things to note when sharpening.

#5 – Types of Broadhead Tips

Broadheads with chisel tips

Against animals with thicker hides and bigger bone structures, broadheads with chisel points are very good as they penetrate well.

Cut on contact tips

“Cut on contact” tips, also called bladed tips are quite fantastic for parting flesh. But these tips can be quite fragile due to the force delivered at the broadhead’s tip.

Chisel tips vs. Cut on contact tips

Each tip works well in its own way, so this is not a comparison per se as opposed to how you want your broadheads. Everything has its uses if you think about it, and certainly, this is all the more so when it comes to broadheads.

That’s why to judge which type of tips is better is impossible, as it is dependent a lot on your operation and the type of hunting you enjoy. If you’re going up against tougher, bigger animals, then broadheads with chisel type tips are perfect. For a smaller game, a contact style tip might give you a better performance.

In addition, there are also some more minor differences with regards to the appearance and designs of the two tips which make for different effects. But these are not worth considering if you only think about their functions and how well they perform according to your needs.


#1 – What’s the best crossbow broadhead?

In our consideration, Rage 39600 Bowhunting Hypodermic Crossbow Mechanical Broadhead is the best of them all, due to its overall satisfaction in pretty much all categories. You will like that the model has exceptional performance in delivering accuracy and good penetration.

But in the end, if you prefer a more specific broadhead for your game, then something like the one from New Archery Products or G5 Outdoors might just do the job better.

#2 – Do crossbows need special broadheads?

Crossbows can work with regular broadheads just fine, but if you’re serious about hunting then a special broadhead dedicated solely for crossbows might be better, which is designed to provide greater accuracy and force when used with a crossbow.

But in the end, if you prefer a more specific broadhead for your game, then something like the one from New Archery Products or G5 Outdoors might just do the job better.

#3 – Which broadheads fly the best?

It’s hard to say which broadheads can fly the best. Generally, a good flight will consist of the broadheads having a good balance in weight as well as built so that there’s enough wind resistance for accuracy even at longer distances. In our list, the one from Sinbadteck can be a great answer to this question as it’s built for accuracy, which also means better flights.

#4 – What is the deadliest broadhead?

No matter what animals you are aiming the broadhead at, you will want something that can stop the animal in its tracks as quickly as possible. Generally, mechanical broadheads can do the job well as they deliver precise wound channels. Although for a smaller game this might be overkill, and in that case, you should opt for fixed blade broadheads.

#5 – How far can a crossbow shoot accurately?

The effective range for a crossbow is generally about 40 yards. Most hunters can fire lethal shots at this distance. But this range can also change, especially with more improvements on the quality of both the crossbows and crossbow broadheads over the years.

#6 – How long can you leave a crossbow loaded?

It’s not safe to leave your crossbow cocked for too long, or longer than the maximum period of 24 hours. Too long and premature stretching of cables or string might occur, which might lead to a loss in the crossbow’s performance or even more dangerous, causing accidents.

Although these days crossbows are designed to be cocked for an extended period of time, it’s recommended that you discharge or de-cock the crossbow after usage or at the end of the hunting day.

#7 – Can you use regular Rage broadheads in a crossbow?

Standard mechanical broadheads when paired with a high-speed crossbow might open before impact since arrows shot with crossbows can reach speeds of over 400 fps. Not just broadheads from Rage, but generally when you shop for a broadhead to pair with a. crossbow, definitely opt for something with “crossbow” in the title

#8 – What grain of broadhead should I use?

The most common size these days is the 100-grain broadhead, as these are of lighter weights while still being enough for good performance. In addition, if your field tip requires something else, such as a 125-grain broadhead, definitely go for it instead. Generally heavier broadheads are considered to be ones with weights over 125 grains.

The choice between different grains can simply be the type of hunting you’re doing. Heavier grain broadheads are more fit for traditional shooters, while for most games the 100-grain broadhead is enough.

#9 – Is there a difference between bow and crossbow broadheads?

There isn’t really a major difference. But some brands do add features that make the broadheads work better for crossbows, and this is something you should definitely take note of. Again, look for labels with “crossbow” included, which exist in models of higher grain size as well as the common 100-grain size.

#10 – How far away can a crossbow kill a deer?

Most experienced hunters who use crossbows as their main weapons generally consider 50 yards to be the maximum distance for a long shot on a game animal. If you’re a novice, consider planning to shoot within 30 yards.


And that concludes our article. In our consideration, Rage 39600 Bowhunting Hypodermic Crossbow Mechanical Broadhead is the best crossbow broadhead, due to its high performance in pretty much every category, including accuracy and power. The broadhead is also durable enough to execute everything asked of it.

But you can’t really go wrong with the top five best crossbow broadheads that we’ve provided. In addition, we also offered a buying guide as well as answers to some of the common questions to help you figure out the most suitable broadhead for your game and hunting skills.

Have a good time hunting!

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